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Affirmation Card Deck For Kids

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The day is finally here! The affirmations deck for kids is now available! This is a limited stock!

Our youth, (any age) in my opinion needs to hear and read positive affirmations on a daily basis. It's important that they hear and/or recite statements that make them feel good about themselves.

How it works:

Pull a card (or 2) daily and have your child/teen read each card aloud. Ask them to try and identify with that card, and how it makes them feel. Encourage them to practice affirming that said card(s) and think positive thoughts throughout the day.

If your child is unable to read, you may read the cards out loud to them and show them the card. 

Although this deck is made for kids, I find that if you are a young adult/adult, this card deck is a message for all ages. 


size 3x4

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